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Matthew Gladney

for City Council 2023
Homeowner - Taxpayer - University employee - Townie 


Remember to Vote! Tuesday, April 4, 2023


Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

Born and raised in Champaign, Matt Gladney is a proud product of Champaign Unit 4 schools, a longtime central Champaign homeowner, and an employee at the University of Illinois. Matt has deep roots in our community, and a strong commitment to making it the best possible place to live and work for everyone! 


Matt has served as an at-large member of the Champaign City Council since 2015. He was re-elected in 2019, and is running for re-election this year. With your help, he will continue to work to make our neighborhoods stronger, our city safer, our government fairer and more efficient, and our community both welcoming and vibrant!

More about Matt:

Champaign City Council member: 2015 - present

University of Illinois employee: 2007 - present

McKinley Foundation Board member: 2013-2019, 2020 - present

40 North Arts Council board member: 2015 - present

Champaign County Board member: 2006 - 2010

Matt and his husband Ashley live on Mayfair Road in central Champaign. 



Economic Growth

Business owners, employees, companies, and the University of Illinois have help propel Champaign to the forefront of economic growth. The city should continue to help promote smart economic growth, and particularly it should continue to do what it can to provide support in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We live and work in a diverse city, and I am proud of that. We should continue striving to be a welcoming community for everyone.
Gun Violence

Public safety is of paramount importance to people of Champaign. From bolstering our police department, to supporting our firefighters, to investing in the LIFT Champaign program with UNIT 4, to developing and implementing the Community Gun Violence Reduction Blueprint, to the work of our Neighborhood Ambassadors and the Champaign Community Coalition, the city council has shown we are serious about tackling the issues facing our community that are directly and indirectly related to gun violence.


Infrastructure comprises the physical foundation of our city. Good roads, safe sidewalks, street lights, and ease of transportation is what makes Champaign a desirable and comfortable place to live and work. We should continue to fund our infrastructure improvements, and particularly our work on improving the infrastructure and safety of the Garden Hills neighborhood.


Champaign Firefighters Local 1260

Champaign County Business Empowered PAC

Angie Brix - former Champaign City Council

Matt Difanis - business owner, REALTOR

Paul Faraci - Illinois State Senator, 52nd District

Deborah Feinen - Mayor of Champaign

Linda Frank - former Champaign County Circuit Clerk

Daniel Iniguez - Champaign City Council

Teri Karpman - Champaign resident

Laura Keller - Champaign resident 

Susan McGrath - Champaign County Circuit Clerk

Vanna Pianfetti - Champaign City Council

Andy Quarnstrom - City of Champaign Township Supervisor

Adani Sanchez - President, McKinley Foundation


Friends of Matthew Gladney

Beautiful Champaign, IL





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